3 Easy Ways to "Flex" Your Travel Policy

Learn what a flexible travel policy is, why the demand for flexibility in business travel is rising, and how to implement flexible policies successfully.

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Flexible travel policy
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About the Masterclass

In this Masterclass, we'll cover practical tips for creating a flexible travel policy that gives employees more freedom while still keeping an eye on travel costs and environmental impact - and then show you how to implement those policies in your Travel Management System! Whether you're in HR, managing travel, or managing the office, this Masterclass will give you some great ideas for letting your team take the reins on their travel while still staying on budget and in control of travel emissions.

What to expect from the Masterclass

  • Introduction to Flexible travel policies
    What are flexible policies and why do we need them?

  • Quick-wins
    Improve cost-saving, sustainability ad employee satisfaction and more with flexible travel policies.

  • Workshop: 3 Easy ways to Flex your travel policy
    We will showcase 3 plug-and-play examples of "flexing" your travel policy, and how to implement and automate them successfully.