Responsible Brand Building

How to take your company from ESG Philosophy to Action

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About the masterclass

Join us for this exciting masterclass with the founder of Agenda, Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard. In this masterclass, Asbjørn will introduce us to the benefits and challenges for companies that choose to incorporate ESG into their brand identity, and recommend approaches and strategies to introduce ESG into your business and brand in an ethical and transparent way.

  • What is ESG and "Fair branding"?
    We'll help you understand the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and the concept of Fair Branding, laying the foundation for responsible brand identity.

  • Why should ESG be a part of your business philosophy?
    We explore the big shift towards ESG-focused brand building and communication, and what it means for businesses of all sizes.

  • How are other companies integrating ESG into their brand and communication?
    Asbjørn will share some great examples from companies who are working to integrate ESG into their branding and DNA. 

  • Practical Strategies for building a stronger ESG brand
    We talk about the essential strategies for infusing ESG principles into the core of your company, from changing your internal culture and fostering authenticity to establishing transparent value chains.

About the speaker

Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard (MA. Phil in Philosophy, History & Sociology), is a PR & Communications Strategist and the founder of the Copenhagen based PR & communications firm Agenda.