The Ultimate guide to getting B Corp Certified

Getting B Corp certified can be a long, difficult and confusing process.
(We know, because Goodwings is a certified B Corp!)

So we've created this Ultimate Guide to Getting B Corp Certified to walk you through all the steps, along with down-to-earth tips and tricks to help your process be as straightforward and simple as humanly possible.

How to become a b corp
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What you will receive


A Step-By-Step guide to becoming a Certified B Corp


What to expect during the process


The process requirements


Building your B Team: How to do it


Overview of the steps for B Corp Certification

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“If the reasons are the right ones, your business will benefit greatly from the process. Not least if you involve a cross-functional team and give them the mandate to improve what you do and how you do it.”

Hannes Skugghall, Chief Mission Officer, Urb-It