Goodwings & Wall Street Green Summit: better together

Wall Street Green Summit and Goodwings have partnered to help you calculate, offset, reduce and report your CO2 emissions to and from The Wall Street Green Summit 2024, completely free of charge.

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“We look forward to our partnership with Goodwings as it is very important for our conference attendees to reduce their carbon footprint and made a positive impact in the world.”

Peter C. Fusaro
Founder, Wall Street Green SummitTM


Goodwings is a B Corp certified hotel booking platform that makes it easy and affordable for businesses to reduce their travel emissions. When you book a hotel, Goodwings uses its booking revenues to purchase sustainable biofuel on your company's behalf, removing any remaining emissions with nature-based removal offsets. It also provides your company with transparent emissions data for ESG reporting.

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How Goodwings works


Book trips

Choose from over 1 million hotels worldwide with Goodwings. From business and conference hotels to eco lodges, we offer hotels for every need, style, destination and price range.

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Calculate your emissions

Whether you’re taking a plane or catching the train, Goodwings automatically calculates your round-trip emissions as part of the booking, providing options to help reduce your overall footprint.


We invest on your behalf

When you book a hotel through Goodwings, we use the booking revenues to purchase as much biofuel as possible on your behalf. Biofuel is an important piece in making aviation less polluting as it reduces the CO2 emissions of planes by 80%.


Support reforestation projects

Because biofuel is expensive, we can't make your travels completely emissions-free just with the booking revenue, so we'll use the rest to finance reforestation projects which play a critical role in absorbing the large quantities of CO2 we produce every time we fly.

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