Decoding Sustainable Hotel Certifications

Tips for Travel Managers, HR, and Procurement Professionals for navigating the world of hotel sustainability

Live webinar | February 26th | 11.30 AM -12.00 PM CET

Decoding Sustainable Hotel Certifications

About the webinar

If you're the person in charge of negotiating hotel rates or deciding which hotels to recommend in your travel policy, you've probably faced the challenge of finding sustainable options. The problem? There's no clear standard for hotel sustainability. In this webinar, we tackle this issue by providing solutions for navigating the complex world of hotel certifications, the impact of choosing certified hotels, and how to make the biggest impact with your hotel choices.

  • Why choosing responsible hotels for business travel matters
    Understand the impact of your travel choices and the need for sustainable initiatives in the hotel industry.  

  • Sustainability ratings and certifications
    We'll take you through some of the most used sustainability certifications for hotels and hotel chains, and give you insights on the different aspects they rate on. 

  • What to consider when looking for sustainable hotels
    Get insider tips on what to look for when negotiating hotel rates with sustainability in mind. Learn how to make informed decisions when recommending hotels, ensuring your business travel aligns with your company goals.


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